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Jill Anderson <jill.anderson@...>

Dear Litvak researchers,
Following on >from Paul's message, this is just a reminder that we have =
many district research groups - there's a list here:

The advantage of being a contributor to a group is that you get to see
the translated records as soon as they are finished and that they are on
downloadable Excel spreadsheets, so that you can search and sort them as
you like. These records are put onto the All Lithuania Database, which
is free to search, after 18 months.

Jill Anderson
LitvakSIG District Coordinator for Telsiai, Siauliai and Vilnius


Subject: Family >from Seduwa/Shaduva
From: Paul & Sharon Bernstein <>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2016 16:51:00 +0300
X-Message-Number: 1

My great-great grandparents [ SHER - Serras - FAMILY ] were >from the
same town as Eric's "paternal Grandmother who came >from

The ALD database
has quite a lot of information (FYI, most of my family-the next 2 or 3
generations are >from Saulaia - a lot more records are available - as
Shavel was/is the 3rd. largest town in Lithuania).

FYI, I've been in touch with Milda Jakulyte-Vasil - who is the curator
of the Seduva Memorial Museum in Vilnius, who provided me with a
contact-researcher in Lithuanian State History Archive -
- as well as a contact (Jurate Zulpaite) at the Jewish Museum-Memorial
in Seduva.

Please write me privately for the contact information.

FYI, some relatives of mine in south Africa have managed to arrange
Lithuanian Passports etc., it is/can be a rather costly process, but
certainly doable.

'Ba' hatzlaka' (good luck - translated freely >from Hebrew.

Paul Bernstein