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According to a certain geneological family record one of my gggfts a
Rabbi Yosef was the (or a) Rabbi in the city of Breznitz. According
to this reference, this Rabbi Yosef was the son-in-law of Reb Leibush
of Kremnitz who was the son of Reb Shmuel of Kremnitz the son of
Fischel of Lumir who was a Parnass of the Arba Aratzot.

The last three are listed in various rabbinical geneology resources
(Rosenstein and Wunder).

My questions are:

Where would Breznitz be? I found several Brenitzs in various

Is anyone out there also descendant >from this Yosef? I would be happy
to hear >from them as I am one of my family involved in family records.

Thanks and Shabat Shalom.

Yoni Ben-Ari
Efrat, Israel