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I am trying to find out if my maternal great-great grandfather,
Filip FRANKL >from Hungary (Nove Mesto Nad Vahom), was connected to
the famous FRANKL rabbinic line. It appears that he has signed
some marriage documents in the early 1800's (according to the
Bratislava Archives). Does anyone have any information regarding
this family?
There was more than one Hungarian rabbinic FRANKEL family.

One was that of R' Shmuel FRANKEL of Dorog (an ancestor of my wife),
a Chassidic pupil/colleague of Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Zanz. (On
which I have some data)

Another was the FRANKEL/TEUMIM line to which the Gaon R' Boruch Tam
belonged (coincidentally the f.i.law of the aforementioned R' Chaim.
And there were others.

Leslie Reich