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Nancy Holden

I am the web author of Shtetlinks site for Svisloch, Belarus.
http://www.shtetlinks.jewishgen.org/Svisloch . I consider it an
important part in recreating communal life to include a list of the
town's rabbis. Can anyone help me with more information about these
men? They were either rabbis (scholars) in Svisloch or born there.
If there are other rabbis or scholars that I have missed, I would
also appreciate their names.

1. Rabbi Ezekiel Katzenellenpogen, Rabbi of Svisloch. References to
him in Neil Rosentstein's books. Especially interested as to
whether he left descendants in Svisloch. Also what years he was
there? Does anyone know what surname he or his descendants used?

2. Rabbi Meir Yona of Svisloch first published a volume of the
classical halachic work "Ha-Ittur", (written by Rabbi Isaac ben
Aba Mari of Marseille, a contemporary of Maimonides), in 5634
(1836) died at the end of the 19th C.

3. His son Rabbi Motye.

4. Shneur Zalman Pines rabbi in Svisloch died 1903.

5. Rabbi Yossef Rosen - Son in law of Rabbi Dov Ber Galov, Rav gaon,
great in Torah, famous. Born in 1865 he was elected Rabbi in
Svisloch 1903, He immigrated to the United States and in 1926
became rabbi in Passaic, NJ. He died 1954.

6. Rabbi Mordechai Idelberg

7. Rabbi Chaim Jacob Mishkinski the last rabbi of Svisloch. Murdered
with the community.

8. Rabbi David Mejzel.

9. Rabbi Ahron Kotler, born Svisloch 1892 and moved to the United
States in 1940. His father Shneur Zalman Pines had been rabbi in

10. Scholar Hirsch ben Mordecai Edelmann 1805 - 1858, born in
Svisloch was a scholar of Hebrew manuscripts at Oxford
University. Died in Berlin. Encyclopedia Judaica has a

I am especially interested in descendants that might have been in
Svisloch and raised their families there.

Thanks you very much,

Nancy Holden
Project Coordinator Belarus SIG