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Marlene Bishow <mlbishow@...>

Family lore indicates that my husband's ggf, Laib Abner KULPE was a
rabbi in Lithuania. He married Kala Fruma SATENSTEIN. Kala Frumma's
first cousin, Malka SATENSTEIN married R. Nathan Israel BRENNER. The
BRENNERs lived in Philadelphia. Several of Rabbi KULPE's children
came to the US and stayed with Rabbi BRENNER.

We have several possible locations for Laib Abner KULPE: among them
are Kanus & Papile. Any suggestions as to how I may follow up on
this thread will be appreciated.

Marlene Bishow
KULPE, SOMMERS, SATENSTEON: Lithuania, Whales, Birmingham AL,
Baltimore, MD
HANTMAN/GANTMAN: Smilovichi, Sverhen', Belarus
KATZ: Zhuravno (Galicia), Ukraine, NYC
DEUTSCHER & NUSSBAUM: Rozniatow (Galicia), Ukraine, NYC
YARMISH, PETT, GOLDSTEIN: I'vya & Wolpa, Belarus, Newtown,CT, NYC