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My thanks to those who have responded with suggestions. My
great-grandmother, Devorah KAHANA,( see the information copied below)
mentioned an uncle in nearby Kalush/Kalusz ( Galicia, as distinguished from
a similar sounding Kalush located in in Poland) who was a Dayan and revered
by the local peasants. Does anyone have access to a list of Rabbinic figures
from Kalush/Kalusz >from the period of the end of the 1800's to the early
1900's, with particular interest in the surname of "Kahana". This would help
me in pin-pointing her connection with the rest of the Kahana family.
Todah Rabbah,
Rabbi Dr. Norbert Weinberg
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Karmi Sheli-My Vineyard
The Courage of the Spirit:The story of Europe's Jewry in the 20 th Century
from family accounts and documents

Reasearching Family Records of WEINBERG( Dolyna/Ukraine,
Vienna/Austria,Frankfurt AM, Germany),ZARWANITZER ( Dolyna/Ukraine),IGER(
Lviv, Podwolochisk/Ukraine)GOTTDENKER ( Lviv, Bolekhiv/Ukraine).


From: "Norbert Weinberg" <norofra@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 08:39:41 -0700

I am in the midst of writing an account of my family's experience before
during and after the Shoah. My father, Rabbi Dr. Wilhelm Weinberg, served as
the first State Rabbi of Hesse, Germany, after WWII, and my mother, Irene
Weinberg,( herself a descendant of R.
Akiba Eger) survived as an Aryan in Lwow and Warsaw. Their account is posted
on the blog referenced below.
I am trying to determine the exact connection between my maternal
grandmother and three noted dayyanim in the cities of Sighet, Teczo and
This is the information I have.
My father's grandmother, Devorah Kahana,(born c 1840) was daughter of a
Benjamin KAHANA( born c 1810) and his wife, of whom we only have the last
name, Kurtz.
My uncle left me notes about his grandmother and her claims to " yichus"
from the leading Jewish family of Hungary, as I can tell, descendants of R.
Yom Tov Lipman Heller through his daughter, Reziel, married to Rabbi Yaakov
Yosef Heller-Kahana. She referred to relatives who were dayyanim of the
cities of Sighet, Teczo, and Huszt. She had an uncle who was Rabbi of Kalusz
, a town to the east of Dolyna( Dolina, Galicia); she claimed he was revered
by the local Christian peasants for his wisdom and his blessings , as "maly
bozek"-a little god. After the Holocaust, my uncle met a Dayan Friedman from
Teczo who assured him the she was indeed correct. She was referring to three
brothers, Rabbis Hayyim Aryeh, Joseph Mordecai, and Jacob Gedaliah Kahana,
contemporaries of my great-grandmother, and >from that very same region; they
may have been her cousins,once or twice removed. My father kept a copy of
one book, a fragment >from the work by R.Joseph Mordecai, " Divrei
Tzadikim"(Sayings of the Righteous)and I can only guess that his father had
kept it as a reminder of the family conection.( She also made mention of
another book," Revid Hazahav"( Golden Chain), attributed in other sources
to one R. Israel Dov Ber Gelernter, a work on transmigration of the soul,
which I found quoted in hand-written notes of my grandfather.) If anyone has
any leads for me, I would appreciate it greatly.