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Gilbert Hendlisz <gilbert.hendlisz@...>

Hello to the group,

A fellow genealogist has sent me a family tree of one branch of the
rabbinical HEILPRIN family. I have a question about the descendancy of
Rabbi Eliezer Lipman Heilprin, ABD Tiktin, born, around 1575. His second
wife was Margula bat Naftali Tzvi Hirsch Schor.

According to this family tree, one of his sons would have been
Avraham, living during the 17th century who had at least three children:
a daughter, a son called Yechiel Michel and another son called Beniamin
Wolf who died in Lublin in 1704. It is in the descendancy of this
Beniamin Wolf that I am interested;
The tree mentions only a son, Meir, who died in 1722 married with a
daughter of a Levite. Are there other children ?
The tree also shows two children to this Meir: a daughter, Dobrush/
Dvorah and a son, David who was married with a girl >from the Halberstam
I would like very much to have informations about this David, his wife
and who were their children.

It seems that the source of this tree would be the book Meorei Galicia
by Rabbi Meir Vunder, but there were maby other sources about this
branch of the Heilprin family.
If someone has this book at his disposal or other relevant sources on
this matter, I would be very gratefull.

Thanks in advance,

Gilbert Hendlisz (Brussels)