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Dear Genners
R' Tzvi Hirsch Landau (Hirsch Vitts of Opatow 1640-1718) was married,
according to "Letoldot Hakehilot Bepolin" of R' Tvi Hirsch Hurvitz of
Dresden (and according to many other sources) to Sara Oettingen
(Ittinga, in old Jewish spelling). Sara was the daughter of the
physician Dr. Naftali Hirtz Oettingen of Przemisl. However, in the Web
site of the commercial genealogy site "Geni", another wife, Chaia, is
mentioned. I have checked around and could not verify by any reliable
source that R' Tzvi Hirsch Landau had two wives. However, in a family
tree diagram in the book "The unbroken chain", this chaia is drawn as a
daughter of Dr. Naftali Hirtz Oettingen. Is this the source of the
misleading information?
Thank you all
Isak Gath, Haifa