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Dear Genners
R' Yitzchak SPITZKOPF, father of Vitta who was married to R' Yechezkel
Landau of Opatow, was AB"D of several towns in Poland, last position in
Krakow. Several sources claim that R' Yitzchak Spitzkopf married the
daughter of R' Nachum of Zusmir (Sandomierz). The question is, which
In the book "The unbroken chain" page 730 the date of death of R'
Yitzchk Spitzkopf is given as 1783. In page 459 the date given is 1683.
In the same book Nachum of Zusmir is said to die 25 years old, leaving a
pregnanat wife who bore him a son. This Nachum of Zusmir could by no
means be the father-in-law of R' Yitzchak Spizkopf as as he lived in the
middle of the 18th century, the same period as the great grandchildren of
R' Yitzchak Spitzkopf. There was most probably another R' Nachum of
Zusmir, reported in "Letoldot Hakehilot BePolin" (R' Tzvi Hirsch Hurvitz,
AB"D of Dresden) in page 487.
Does anybody of you have additional information and/or reliable sources to
explain the above?
Thank you
Isak Gath, Haifa