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If your Marcus is Marcus Magnus Lublin I have a record >from him at
from the Cemetery Records in Nakskov. Marcus Magnus Lublin bricklayer
in Sakskobing, born 19 July 1819 and died in Sakskobing 7 April 1901.

His wife Sara is Sara LUBLIN nee LUBLIN died at age 53 on 8 Mar 1862.

Just above them in the listing is the mother of Marcus--Gitte LUBLIN
nee HEIMANN / HEYMANN. (Gitte is a form of Brigitte so this is
probably where your Hanne got her middle name.) Gitte was married to
Magnus Samuel LUBLIN (dates still unknown).

If you are interested in any more information--I'm researching LUBLIN
family. Take a look at the Cemetery Records online and you will find
a number of entries for LUBLIN family.


Tracy Zappala, Eugene, Oregon, USA

On Sunday, November 24, 2002, at 10:01 PM, Henry Cohen wrote:

My great grandparents were Siegfriedt BALLIN born in Randers
on the 6th November 1841 and Hanna Birgithe (or Birgitte) LUBLIN
born in Sakskobing on the 9th September 1843.