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Jules Feldman submitted this- a crosspost >from SA History Digest 9

<<The information is obtained >from the National Archives of South Africa
and as far as I know the information is listed by surname.

One emails and requests details of a surname.
Alternatively one may write to National Archives, Private Bag X 236,
Pretoria 0001 or FAX (012) 323 5287 or Tel: (0122) 323-5300.
documents with info they have on file for the given name. This list
gives reference numbers and then one may order copies. The list is on a
diskette/s and have to be paid for in advance.

One has to be prepared for whatever shows up i.e. jail time, building
houses, Estate distribution and lots lots more. If one is researching a
rare name it is great. The usefullness gets less with less rare names.

Regards to all. Vickie>>
Dr Saul Issroff
London2001 - 21st International Conference on Jewish Genealogy
8-13 July 2001