South Africa SIG #SouthAfrica Contact Information for Former Residents of Yurberg, Lithuania #southafrica

Marcy Greene

Just wondering if anybody has any contact information for four former residents of
Jurbarkas(Yurberg in Yiddish),Lithuania who survived the Holocaust and as far as I
know still live in South Africa.I found the names of Quen Faktor,Herbert Idelson,
Ruby Levin and Lazar Levin listed in the Yurberg Yizkor Book as people >from Yurberg
living abroad.I am hoping to speak to them,if they are still alive,to see if they
remember and aunt of mine,Jeta Reichman Liubovsky who also lived in Yurberg and
whose entire family perished there in 1941 when the Germans invaded Lithuania.
I am hoping to find out the names of Jeta Liubovsky's husband and children so I
can place their names on Pages of Testimony or Memorial Pages at Yad Vashem
Holocaust Museum so their names will be remembered forever.Any help would be
gratefully appreciated.Thank you everybody for taking the time to read my e-mail.
All the best,

David Feder,St.John's,Newfoundland,Canada