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Moishe Miller

Dear Group,

This is my first posting to the group. My g-g-gf was Yisroel/Israel
SCHWIMMER. He married Toba Etel BASCH (daughter of Ezra Yakov Basch)
of SPINKA (Sapinta) around 1875 and they settled in Munkacz(Mukachevo)
at some point. Yisroel passed away sometime before 1914 in or near
Munkacz (not to be confused with the Israel Schwimmer that came to the
USA and passed away around 1930) and Toba Etel passed away sometime
before 1900. That is when grandchildren started to be named after each

I have found a posting in the old Munkacz cemetery for a Yisroel and one
for "wife of Yisroel". I have not found a birth record for Toba Etel
BASCH in the Marmores online records, but being born sometime around
1855, that might not be available. I am interested in going back one
generation, to my g-g-g-gp's. Does anyone have advice or ideas about
how to do that? I do have information on my other 29 g-g-g-gp's. These
are the only three missing. I know nothing about the mother and father of
Yisroel Schwimmer. For Toba Etel, while I know her father was Ezra Yakov
BASCH of Spinka (Sapinta), Romania (and can go back to his grandfather,
Pesach BASCH), there is disagreement on who Toba Etel's mother was. Some
say it was Zissel ADLER and some say Miriam SCHNECK. I have not found
any SCHNECK family in any BMD records posted online for Marmores.

Any ideas on where/if their death records might be accessible?

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY