Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Salasnik and Trotzki from Berdichev #ukraine

Udi Cain

Dear UkraineGenners,

If you have some patience to "hearing" my "bobbe mises", than here they are:
My father's paternal grandmother's, Chana Zelda Salasnik's, family came to
Eretz Israel in the 1860s'.
Her grandfather, Arie Leib Salasnitski, was born in Berdichev in 1810.
Her father, Dov Ber Salasnik, was a watches/clocks dealer in Zhitomir. Her
mother Miriam Batia (nee Trotski), was the daughter of Sarah and Sinai
Chana Zelda's oldest brother, Isaac, was born in 1856, and when his parents
went to Eretz Israel, they left him with his uncle, Abraham Salasnik, who
had an estate and also dealt with iron (they lost all their fortune in the
revolution of 1917), Isaac's son, was maybe a General, I have photos of a
young man >from 1911 and the written on them: Moshe Jacob Salasnik, that was
maybe Isaac's son.
We know nothing with regard to Isaac's descendants, does anyone know?

Regards >from Jerusalem, Udi Cain.