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My books are in storage but the travel books for tourists that had nice photos
-head captions usually in Russian, German and English

There was one titled Kiev , one titled Odessa , one titled Khmelnitsky
Oblast [I think]of course these titles were in Russian

I dont read Russian but I have the 200 year anniversery of Russian rule
booklet for Khmelnitsky its about 150 pages on cheap newsprint paper with
some old photos within also cheap newsprint style. Its my understanding
these booklets were done for many cities and towns in 1992 - I dont know
if they are still available.

Remember these more or less ignore the Jewish history of these places but
these are neat items to acquire especially if the have a few interesting
photos - mine did- a poor pic of the old railway station and a poor pic of
the front of the Great Synagogue of Proskurov.

Steve Rivkin

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