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As best I am able to determine, I am descended >from GELLER and FRAIDER of
Kamenets-Podolskiy, Kuz'min, and StaroKonstantinov, all of modern-day
UKRAINE; Iasi, Romania; and Goreshti, Moldova.

My great grandfather, Jacob Joseph FRAIDER, was born in 1856 to Abraham
FRAIDER and Dina Cohen (my great great grandparents). My great
grandmother, Sarah GELLER, was born in 1863 to Moische Geller and Jennie
Geller (another set of great great grandparents). Therefore, I estimate
that Jacob Joseph and Sarah were married about 1880, based on the
following: Pinchas FRAIDER (great uncle, elder brother of my grandmother,
Jennie FRAIDER) wrote that he was born on August 17, 1881 and was 37 years
old at the time of his World War I draft registration in September 1918.
Note that Pinchas listed his occupation as rabbi, being employed by Chevra
Mishna and Shomrai Sabbath, at 64 Pike St., New York, N.Y. I have
determined that he was most likely a mashgiach. I know nothing about where
he might have been trained in Eastern Europe. The FRAIDER (and, by
extension, the GELLER) family today has living representatives in the New
York, Connecticut, Illinois, Nevada, California, Florida, and Maryland
states in the US.

Jeff Miller
Olney, Maryland, US

FRAIDER, GELLER, Kamenets-Podolskiy, Kuz'min, StaroKonstantinov UKRAINE;
Iasi, Romania; Goreshti, Moldova MLYNARZ, Ostroleka, Poland TRACHTENBROIT,
Studenitsa, Ukraine BLANKFORD, WHITEMAN, Panevezys, Anywhere, Lithuania;
South Africa LAN, Panevezys, Seta, Lithuania; South Africa; LANE, New
Jersey, Pennsylvania UDELL, YUDEL, Lithuania; South Africa; US YUDELOWITZ,
Panevezys, Seta, Lithuania; Boston, L.A., US; South Africa