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Flo Elman

With Linda Kern's agreement, I am posting her message about a book on
Pogroms in Ukraine:

Pogroms in Ukraine
Regarding pogroms, I have a book which I bought in a book store, several
years ago. It is called POGROMS: Anti Jewish violence in modern Russian
history. Edited by John D. Klier and Shlomo Lambroza. ISBN: 0-521-40532-7.
It was published in 1992 by Cambridge Press. It tells in detail about
pogroms in Russia >from 1881-1921.

It is quite a complete book which I bought because it mentioned Elizavetgrad
which is now Kirovograd. If anyone wants
to know if their town is mentioned, I would be pleased to look it up and
email them if it is in the book. Then, they would know if they would like
to order it >from a bookstore or online. It was expensive; I can't recall
how much, but I don't believe it was cheap.

Linda Kern
Westlake Village, Cal.

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