Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Fwd: Yad Vashem and the Arolsen (resource) Files #ukraine

Michelle Frager <lulu_brooks@...>

At the request of Sherry Kisos, I am forwarding this very thorough
explanation of the Yad Vashem process and this summer's online

Many thanks.

Michelle Frager NYC metro -------------------------------

Dear Michelle,

If I remember correctly, you asked how long it takes to put a page
of testimony on the Yad Vashem database and I replied to you that I
thought it was more or less immediately.

I have had to call Yad Vashem anyway (for my own research) and
clarified several points with them.

1. The amount of time it takes them to put information on the
database is between six months to a year depending upon the work
schedule and amount of work. I have used the database myself and it
is extremely powerful.

2. The entire Yad Vashem database will be on the Internet by the
end of the summer. This database includes (will include) all the
names >from pages of testimony as well as other sources (such as the
memorial books by Sarge Klarsfeld and others).

3. The Arolsen files at the moment are not on the Yad Vashem
database. They can be found only at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and are
on microfilm. One must go personally there to look at records.
Eventually, these files will be available to the librarian at the
Yad Vashem branch in Givatayim. It will take a long time before
these files become available on the Internet.

To summarize, the Arolsen files include names of Jews and non-Jews
who were victims of the Holocaust and the list is extremely
extensive. When one requests a search at Yad Vashem, the researcher
checks through all sources (Yad Vashem database, memorial books,
Arolsen files, etc.)

Even though I subscribe to most of the SIGs, including the
jewishgen digest, I am unable to send messages because my computer
has a Hebrew interface. It would be greatly appreciated if you
could pass this message on.

Sincerely yours,
Sherry Kisos
Petach Tikvah, Israel