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Hoping you can help my with my researchs for documents about my late
great-greatgrandfather the russian railway-official Jakob Davidov
KANTOROWITZ/KANTOROWICZ (b. 1835 in Slonim/Belorus. d. 1903 in Warszawa or
St. Petersburg/Russia), his wife Henriette/Minne Mindel/Wilhemina Isaakovna
KANTOROWITZ (b. 1842 in Riga/Latvia, d. 1914 in St. Petersburg), nee
KEILMANN and their three childrens:
1.) Sophia Jakobovna KANTOROWITZ (b. 1863 in Vilnius, married ?
children? dies ?),
2.) Alexandr Jakobov KANTOROWITZ (b. 1866 in Vilnius, married
?, childrens ? dies ?)
3.) my greatgrandmum Eugenie Jakobovna KEILMANN, nee KANTOROWITZ (b. 1868 in
Vilnius; 1886 married in Riga with the dentist Isidor Philipov KEILMANN;
killed in autum 1941, with her husband and other
relativs, into the Ghetto Riga/Latvia).
Now I want to know, if Jakob KANTOROWITZ as a railway official stood with
his family a time (ca. 1869-186 ?) in Charkov ?
My late greatgrandmum Eugenie wrote in Riga into a notice 1936, that she
grows up in Charkov and went there to the privat school/institut of
Prof.Obolensky/Obolewsky. I know also,that my late great-greatgrandparents
lived lived in Warszawa >from ca.1890/1896-1900.
Do you know anythinks about the Institut Prof.Obolensky in Charkov. Did it
existed ?

If any people can help my with my researchs, please contact me.

Best regards and a gitn Shabbes

Robert Dupuis