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Dear Ukraine SIG Friends,

Many thanks to Bena Shklyanoy (
<>), Ukraine SIG's Translations and Datas
Director, and her team of volunteer translators. They have extracted
biographical entries for Jews >from the book, "Encyclopedia of Names,
Kharkov Province" by Andrey Fedorovich Paramonov. We have posted the
description of this dataset and the associated translation spreadsheet
on the Ukraine SIG website. Both the "Introduction and Guide" document
and the translation spreadsheet are available >from the Kharkov District
web page on our website. Point your browser to:

Here is a brief description of the dataset:

This dataset is a translation of Jewish biographical entries extracted
from the online version of "Encyclopedia of Names, Kharkov Province,
Volume 1", by Andrey Fedorovich Paramonov. Mr. Paramonov is Director of
the Private Museum of Kharkov City Mansion. He collected the records at
the State Archive of Kharkiv Province beginning in 1999.
The original version in Russian is available at:'

Ukraine SIG extracted entries that appear to be for Jews and that have a
Ukraine connection. With permission of the author, Ukraine SIG
volunteers translated the extracted entries using an online copy of the
book, as well as additional data provided by the author. An expanded set
of the data also is on the website of the Center for Genealogical
Research (CGR) at A few entries in the Ukraine SIG
dataset were not in the original list published by A.F. Paramonov, but
only on the CGR website.

Currently the dataset has 379 entries, with 70 Ukraine SIG towns. It
covers the years 1784 to 1997. We will expand the dataset as we complete
new translations >from the CGR and other Russian language websites.

The dataset has been submitted to the JewishGen Ukraine Database. When
it becomes available there, researchers will be able to search for given
names, surnames, and towns in various combinations. In the meantime, you
can download the translation spreadsheet >from the Ukraine SIG website: Names
Project/Biographical Names Project, Kharkov Encyclopedia, JGUD.xlsx

You also can download the Intro and Guide document: Names
Project/Biographical Names Project, Kharkov Encyclopedia, Intro and
Guide, JGUD.docx

It describes the data columns that are in the spreadsheet.

Bena and her translators are hard at work on the CGR biographical
dataset. We estimate it contains 150,000 to 600,000 Jewish entries. Keep
tuned for our next announcement about this very important dataset.

*We need translators to extract the Jewish entries >from the larger CGR
online dataset, translate them >from printed Russian to English, and
enter the translations in a spreadsheet.* We will provide you with the
spreadsheet template and assistance in selecting Jewish names. We also
need a Project Manager to coordinate the work of our volunteers. *Please
contact me if you can help with this project, either as project manager
or as a translator.*

Please contact me if you can help with this project, either as project
manager or as a translator.


Ron Doctor ( <>)
Coordinator, JewishGen Ukraine SIG <>
/where Jewish genealogy is personal/