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Marshall Katz

Dear Sub-Carpathia researchers,

A generous benefactor >from Sub-Carpathia is establishing a "Museum of
Sub-Carpathia Jewish History" in Berehove (Beregszasz) and will be
the residents of Sub-Carpathia today for items left behind by the Jews,
after the deportations in 1944, and by the survivors who emigrated,
This includes religious items found in former synagogues and prayer houses
in the towns and villages.

Accordingly, I wanted to inform all Jewishgen Sub-Carpathia researchers of
this noteworthy initiative in case you have something, >from your
Sub-Carpathian family, that you might like to contribute to memorialize

My father was part of the U.S. Army unit that liberated one of the
concentration camps where many Hungarian Jews---survivors of the death
march---were interned, and I will be donating what he brought home, i.e.,
a striped
"lager" (camp) uniform, camp photos and a "sefer" (religious book) written
a Sub-Carpathian rabbi >from Beregszasz.

Coincidentally, my father's first cousin was interned in this camp and
they missed each other by one day, the cousin having returned to his
Klyucharki, near Mukacheve. The Cold War prevented them >from meeting
until 1993, when his cousin immigrated to the USA after Ukraine declared
independence >from the former Soviet Union and he had retired >from his job

Any questions, you can contact me off list.

Very respectfully,
Marshall KATZ
Sub-Carpathia SIG coordinator