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Sid Bennett <sidben03@...> wrote:
Today I learned through SIG that there is a village in Ukraine named Shpikov.
I now have to wonder if the village of Shepitivka that I remember my mother
talking about was, in fact, Shpikov.

I have next to no information about my Grandparents, Paul and Hannah Kaplan
before their emigration to America at the turn of the century. Paul was born about
1868. Hannah was born about 1878. My mother, Rachel Leah, was born 1895.
I apologize if you have already completed an exhaustive search of United States records for your family, but it's hard to tell >from your post how much research you have already undertaken or where, exactly, your family lived in the United States. If you wish someone to help, then you must share a bit more about the information you have already found, including city and state of residence in the USA and the location of your mother's birth.

The key to figuring out one's family shtetl or origin is exhaustive search of USA records. Collect every record and especially those that may tell you something about old country origins. These would include manifests, naturalizations, WWI and WWII draft records, all federal and state census records, vital records (marriage, birth, death), and landsmanshaft burial locations.

And don't stop with just your immediate family. Locate records for siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, even neighbors and witnesses on naturalization and marriage records. One of these records may provide clear or confirming information about family shtetl of origin. At the time your family arrived in the USA, not much information may have been included on manifests. But they may provide clues. I have two manifests >from 1897. One indicates that my relative was going to meet his brother in Brooklyn and another indicates that the family was to meet the husband/father in New York City. Those may be clues to identifying previously unknown relatives and to finding additional relevant manifests and records.

In 1900, Shepetivka was in Volhynia Gubernia and Shpikov was in Podolia Gubernia. It is likely that you will find some records with variations of the names of those gubernias. Volhynia, for example, is often identified as Wolin or Wolynsk on my family's records. That information (confirmed, of course, by more than one trust-worthy record) may help you decide the general location of your family's shtetl. It may help you rule out one or the other village.

I do not know much about Podolia, but I can tell you that Shepetivka is in area of Volhynia Gubernia for which Jewish genealogists have not yet collected many records. So, the fact that you have not found anything on JewishGen identifying your family in that shtetl is not surprising.

Ukraine SIG is in the process of locating, identifying and acquiring records >from the shtetls within its area of interest. Both Volhynia and Podolia Gubernias would be included. If you wish to help projects move forward, sign up to volunteer and/or to donate to the cause.
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Emily Garber
Volunteers Director
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