Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Ukraine vital records on Jewishgen complete? #ukraine


Hi. I've been on Jewishgen for a while searching for the Moldova side of
my family, now I'm searching for the Ukraine side.

My grandfather is >from Kiev and grandmother is >from Kazatin. But when I
looked for their birth and marriage records on Jewishgen, I couldn't
find them. I didn't see any records >from Kazatin for anybody, and very
few records for Kiev.

They were both born in Ukraine in the 1880s and 1890s, were married in
Ukraine, then immigrated to the US around 1910.

If I can't find their birth and marriage records on Jewishgen, does that
mean they don't exist? Would I be able to find them if I travelled to
Ukraine? Does Ukraine have archives of old vital records or are they
lost forever?

Thanks very much for any answers.

Gale Marshall