Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Need Photos of Radzivilov #ukraine


Does anyone out there have an old family photo of the former Radziwillow (Radzivilov) Poland, now Radyvyliv, Ukraine?

I am a graphic designer working with JewishGen on a new English translation of the Yizkor Book Memorial Book of Radzivilov. I am working on the cover design, and would like, if possible, to use a photo of Jewish life in Radziwillow anywhere between 1905 and 1942. I'm looking for a photo that would include something of the city, such as a house, farm, school, synagogue, study house, shop, clubhouse, etc.

I'm afraid I cannot offer payment - it is a volunteer project - but you would receive a prominent photo credit, and any website or contact information you prefer.If this would be all right, please let me know at artstop@....

(The old photo would be needed in high resolution, at least 600 dots per inch at the original photo size.)

Many thanks in advance for your kind help.

Nina Schwartz