Warszawa Research Group #Warsaw #Poland Re: PSA response #warsaw #poland

Nicole Berline <nberline@...>

Dear Joan
This issue has been discussed many times on JRI-Poland discussion list. You
will find answers to your question on the Archive of the SIG lists
A few months delay seems quite common. I personnally waited nine months for
a disappointing result: the 20th century acts of my close family have been
destroyed, but I understand that if the request stems >from the data on
JRI-Poland, the delay is shorter.
Best wishes
Nicole BERLINE, Paris .
Searching for ROTENSZTEJN, ROCHMAN >from Warsaw, OGUS, ARONOWITCH from
Paberze,Lithuania, TREIVAS >from Russia and Lithuania, BERLIN >from Derechin
and Slonim, Belarus, LEIBOVITCH, Saint-Petersburg

I wonder how long it took for the Polish State Archives to respond to
letters. I sent the letter at the beginning of February and received a
confirmation at the end of February. I have not yet gotton the records.
anyone received records >from them and if so, how long did it take?
Many thanks,
Joan Krotenberg