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Steven Lasky <steve725@...>

Greetings all,
I have created a page on my website that suggests the best ways to do a
search on the Mt. Zion Cemetery database. If you are having problems with
your searches, it might pay to take a look at it. The link to this page is
www.museumoffamilyhistory.com/erc-scdb.htm .
If you are looking for all the burial entries for a certain surname without
exact knowledge of where they are buried, I would urge you to search all
four available cemetery databases, i.e. those of Mts. Zion, Hebron, Carmel
and Moriah. These databases combined contain information on over half a
million burials.
I am hoping that the searchable databases for Mts. Judah and Ararat will be
created and put online before the August conference. I will let you know
when they are.
As a side note, July 1st marked the one-year anniversary of my virtual
museum website. I am proud of what I have accomplished and am thankful to
all those who have graciously have helped me along the way. I have just
revamped many pages on my site and have added new ones. I hope that you like
what I have done. The best is yet to come.

Best regards,
Steve Lasky
New York

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