Yiddish Theatre and Vadeville #YiddishTheatre New York BOF Meeting 2006 - Bert Levy #yiddish

Phil Lipshut

Dear YT & V Members

Members with long memories may remember my attendance at the YT & V BOF
Meeting at the 2006 Conference in New York.

I was then, and still am today, researching my great uncle, Bert Levy. Bert
was born in Australia in 1880. In the early 20th Century, he took his
vaudeville act to the USA, where he was a huge success. He also enjoyed great
success in Europe.

He was an illustrator. His illustrations were projected on to a large screen,
for the audience to see. Apparently, Bert whistled through his act.

One of my objectives in visiting New York was to research Bert.

At the BOF Meeting it was suggested that I visit the New York Public Library
Performing Arts Collection at the Lincoln Centre.

I only had a few hours to spend there. I could have spent 2 weeks there, as I
was directed to a manilla folder stuffed full of original press cuttings about
Bert Levy. There were hundreds of cuttings, many so brittle that they fell
apart when you tried to open them.

A belated thank you to those who suggested that I visit there.

On my way back to Australia, I stopped over in Los Angeles. Again, acting on
advice received at the BOF Meeting, I visited the Library of the Academy of
Motion Pictures, to enquire about the only movie in which Bert Levy appeared,
(at the request of Cecil B De Mille), the 1928 silent movie, Chicago.

To my disappointment, I was advised that there had been a special screening of
a restored version of Chicago, with jazz-band accompaniment, just 3 days
before I was there.

You win some and you lose some!

Thanks again! Keep up the good work in this SIG!

Warm regards

Phil Lipshut
Melbourne, Australia