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Haim Sidor


I have finally completed translating the Yizkor List (3600 names) >from the
Wlodova Yizkor Book and have submitted it. IF anyone has a pressing need I would
be happy to look the name(s) up otherwise (hopefully) the list will appear on the
Yizkor Database in the near future.

I have also began work on KOBRIN Yizkor List - I am starting with the list from
the Argentinian Volume - I only received photocopies of FOUR pages! Is that all
there are? Does anyone have a copy of the book? If there are more pages PLEASE
let me know and if possible please mail me copies.

Haim Sidor

SIDOR/ SIDER - Brest Litovsk (and also Lithuania)
PERNICK - Brest Litovsk and area
GREENSTEIN- Brest Litovsk and area
FEINBERG - Brest Litovsk and area
CHOTY - Brest Litovsk and area
LUTNICK/ LATNICK - Brest Litovsk and Wlodova
AINBINDER - Kovel, Ukraine and Kobrin
MOROTCHNICK - Kovel, Ukraine
LICHTENSTEIN - Ostrow Mazwiecka, Poland
JASSINOFSKY - Kobrin and area
MENACHES - Warsaw, Poland
BERGSON (ZBITKOVER) - Warsaw, Poland
SILVERMAN - Keltz, Poland
TAUB - Gostinin, Poland (?)
MARGOLIS - Sniadowo, Poland and area