Iasi cem. rec.

Gayle Schlissel Riley

Are these records complete? Which cemetery are they from? How many cemeteries were there? I found  a million "GOLD'S"  But  not the name I wanted..Shraga Feivel Gold.  May the other names may be were spelled  differently.   Ideas?

Barbara Hershey

I recently learned that Reuven Singer led a project a few years back to photograph the community's register of burials.  Just this week we obtained the pictures of the records, not the stones.  Reuven worked with a team to transcribe the info and submitted it to JOWBR where it remains.  He says there is no additional information that was not put in the database.  

As regards completion... they were current up until the time of transcription and at that point there was not a very large Jewish community remaining in Iasi.  Presumedly there were more burials in the last decade that aren't in JOWBR.

I can not say definitively, but I have been told there are other Jewish cemeteries there.  However, this was the largest by far of the cemeteries.  

Happy second new year to all!

Barbara Hershey