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I am new to this discussion group, but thought I would jump right in with questions concerning family who fled Vienna, Austria following the Anschluss in 1938.  In particular I am interested in gathering more information regarding a cousin of my father's, and his wife.

In Dec.1938, this cousin left for Palestine. I heard he sailed on board the CHEPO, which  I found left from Tulcea, Romania and arrived undetected at Netanya.  My questions would be:  1) Does a passenger transport list exist somewhere (Israel, Romania, Austria) for those who sailed on this voyage?  2) How did he likely travel from Vienna to Tulcea?  (train, boat)  I do know he made it safely, and lived the rest of his life in Palestine/now Israel.

His wife is a trickier situation. I have a document from the Joint Distribution Committee telling of her death in Oct,1941; it said she was killed by the Germans in Zasavitza near Sabac in October. The document is dated 1945.  From my research, I am guessing she was among the unfortunates in the Kladovo Transport group, but would like to substantiate that thought.  If so, my questions here would be:  1) Does a list of those in the group, exist, and if so, where & can I see an actual copy of it?  2)  If she sailed on the URANUS, is there an existing passenger list for that voyage, somewhere?  3) If she was in the Kladovo Group, I read it started out in Nov 1939.  Was there any documented contact with the group over those years the tragedy played out in the various locations?  

I would appreciate any help from those with more knowledge, and/or those who have family members they researched in similar circumstances.  Right now I feel I am coming across conflicting details, and would like to clarify whatever I can.

Thank you,


Lewis, Megan

Dear Leah,

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has some material about illegal immigration to Palestine in our archives collection.  You can search our Collections Search catalog,  I would also check the Central Zionist Archives which also has material on immigrations during this time period.
We have records about the Kladovo transport from archives in Croatia and Serbia.  I did not check to see if these collections have the passenger list.

Information about conducting research at the Museum is at We are unable to conduct in-depth research for patrons.


Megan Lewis

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Rose Feldman

IGRA also has some of the transport lists,  or actually we would say we have lists of deportees for the some of the illegal immigrants. Registration for our website is free and allows a search to see if his name appears in the IGRA collection.

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Paul Silverstone

The best place to find passenger lists is the Athlit Camp Museum.   The people on the CHEPO's first voyage were landed secretly and it is doubtful if there is a list of passengers.   The people probably went to Romania by train.  
As for the Kladovo group they remained in the Yugoslav camp for a long time, there is probably a listing
which might be found at the Athlit database.
See my database at
There were many attempts to rescue the Kladovo group, and some were able to leave Yugoslavia.
If you get in touch with me I may be able to find specific documents or histories that may help.
Paul Silverstone

Helen Krag

There was a book about the Kladovo Transport published in Vienna, as
well as an exhibition at Jewish Museum in Vienna.

The book was written by Gabriele Andeerl and Walter Manoschek. The title
is: Gescheiterte Flucht. Der jüdische 'Kladovo-Transport' auf dem WEg
nach Palästina 1939-42.

In its appendix it includes a list of everybody on the transport.

My own grandfather Jakob Rosenstrauch was on the transport. A memorial
was held in Zasavica, Sabac and Kladovo in 2003 which I attended
together with other grandchildren.

I can't see the name of the person you are searching for, therefore I
could nok look in the book for you.


Helen Krag, Copenhagen


Hi Helen,

Thank you for your response to my inquiry.  The book you mention sounds interesting.  Do you know if there is an English translation?  If the book contains a list of all on the transport it would be of great interest to me.  The woman I am trying to see about being in that group is, Rosa Heilpern (nee Licthenfeld).  I don't know if they just list names, or where they were from, etc., but here is some more information, if needed. I know that names are also often spelled differently. She departed from Vienna, was born in Bratislava, 17 Jan 1909, and was married to Hans Heilpern. I would appreciate your looking to see if she was on the list.


Leah Heilpern Snider, USA

Helen Krag

Dear Leah

Rosa is registered as number 376 in this way: Helpern (heilpern) Rosa,
17.1.1909 (aus Preßburg, Slowakei)
- Pressburg being the name of Bratislave at he time.

I don't see any English translation published. It is possible to surfe
the internet for Kladovo Transport, where you also can find photos. The
exhibition at the Jewish Museum in Vienna was in 2001.

Yours, Helen

Kay Sharpe

Hi Helen 
I also read a book called Two Princes and a Queen by Shmuel David about the Kladovo transport as my cousin Fritz Waltuch was one of the travellers. 
Having contacted him he told me they have meetings in Israel every now and then. 
Kay Sharpe Waltuch, Folkestone,  England