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Stuart Kaufer

On my Maternal GM death certificate from 1937 her parents are listed as Joseph Berkow and Julia Spitz, from Nagytarna Hungary.   Her tombstone indicates her father was Moshe Dov not Joseph.  The information about her parents was provided by her son Morris who is dead.  Could this have been a clerical error on part of funeral home.  She was Rose Friedman Stein, had a brother David Friedman.  Any ideas?

Sarah L Meyer

Death certificate records can be very inaccurate as people are grieving.  Where was this?  Can you find other records for her?  Was she the immigrant?  If so can you find her passenger arrival or naturalization papers? Census records?  Can you find her brother's death certificate or tombstone?  Which one(s) agree with hers?  What about other cousins/ aunts/uncles or family members who might know, are any still living?

Valentin Lupu

My guess is that Rose was born to Julia Spitz and  a Friedman, as  her maiden name and her brother last name indicates.  Julia was probably married to Joseph Berkow and a Friedman (the order unclear).
The "Address and Residential Directory of the Industry and Trade of Hungary 1892" has entries for Spitz Hersko, Spitz Marton, Spitz Armin, Spitz S. and Friedman Kalman in Nagy-Tarna town, under different trades. Nagy-Tarna is now in Romania (Tarna Mare), Satmar county (Szatmárnémeti, Hung. now Satu Mare, Romania).
Valentin Lupu

A. E. Jordan

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From: Sarah L Meyer 

Death certificate records can be very inaccurate as people are grieving. 

It is not just that people are grieving or the chaos of the moment.  The funeral home filled out the information and in the case of my own mother which was just two years ago some of the papers said I was her brother.  My brother made the arrangements and all I can guess is he said my brother ... and the person at the funeral home was not clear and instead made me my mother's brother.  Hopefully some genealogist a hundred years from now reading that will get a laugh.

No record is perfect and especially when there is an intermediary involved. 

Allan Jordan

Beth Long

What was your grandmother's date of birth?