Inna Vayner

Dear JewishGenners, I'd like to share with you that there is a new book that expected to be published soon about JEWISH-FOREIGNERS IN THE SOUTH OF UKRAINE. This is a first comprehensive study of Jewish foreigners in southern Ukraine from the late XVIII to the early XX centuries by historian Yulia Prokop. 

The book is about Jews who came to the cities of southern Ukraine (#Odessa, #Nikolaev, #Kherson, #Elisavetgrad), having foreign citizenship. The book is in RUSSIAN LANGUAGE and has 400 pages. It consists of two equal parts: the main text and appendices. In the appendices - mainly personal data about foreign Jews.

The book has over 300 illustrations including copies of documents, portraits of Jewish foreigners and their descendants. These documents were extracted from archival files and from family archives of the descendants of some families. Most documents and photographs are published first time.

There are 24 tables in the book, they are mainly placed in the appendices and contain lists of Jewish foreigners that had been gathered by the author during 10 years period . There are also tables with statistics.

The source database includes:
- more than 1000 cases from 84 funds of 13 archives of Ukraine, the Russian Federation and #Moldova,
- various pre-revolutionary publications (laws of the Russian Empire, student lists, Russian medical lists, address calendars, reference books, etc.),
- periodical press,
- narrative sources.

The book will be tentatively published by Februrary 1, 2020 and is printed by subscription only. The price of the book is $20. For details regarding payment for the book and international shipping, please contact Yulia Prokop at yulia13.prokop@...

Yefim Kogan

Inna, that is very interesting.

We know from Revision records and Vital records many Jewish families were
foreigners in Russian Empire, and they came not only from Romania and
Turkey, but also from Italy, Austria, and England. We have now a set of
pages for Jews who used to live in Beltsy on the run in other countries!

Is Yulia Prokop an author of the book? I would definitely want a copy of
it. Is Yulia live in Ukraine? Israel?

All the best,


Yulia is the author of the book and she lives in Odessa, Ukraine.


Marilyn Robinson

As of last November, this book was not yet published.

Sarah L Meyer

It sounds very interesting.  Will there be an English translation or will it be available in a pdf format so that we can use Google translate to translate the names?

Inna Vayner

To all, here is Yulia's email yulia13.prokop@.... Please feel free to reach out to her with all questions about her book. 

Yulia is a historian who lives in Odessa, Ukraine. The book is in Russian; however, if there is enough interest, she may consider translating it to English. There might be a digital version available in the future, but there is no estimated time when it'll happen. As I mentioned the book will be published soon: the original ETA was February this year. 

The shipping will be expensive, but if we do it in batches it might reduce the shipping price. I'll be ordering a few copies, if you live in tri-state area and interested in purchasing the book, please reach out to me. Thanks. Inna.

Renée K. Carl

This is wonderful news!
For those who do not know, Yulia is a PhD in Jewish History, this book grows out of her dissertation work. Yulia is an excellent researcher, and a lovely person. I had the chance to meet her when I visited Odessa in 2018.
Renee Carl


Inna, I live in central New Jersey and would be very much interested in being part of a group order for a copy.
Norm Katz

Sarah L Meyer

I tried replying to your email and the message bounced.  I do not live in the tri-state area (wherever that is-Illinois, Indiana and Michigan or NY, NJ and PA or CT, I am in Central Texas.  Thanks for mentioning the shipping costs.  I doubt that I will buy the book unless it is the English translation.  But if there is a Russian reader who would be willing to check names for me, I would be willing to share the cost of the book - or even buy it as a gift for her.

Bev Kegan

I live in Florida and I would be interested. Not sure what tri-state you are referring to. 
Beverley Wiseman Markowitz

Inna Vayner

Beverley, I was referring to NY, NJ, and CT or PA.  Sorry for the confusion. 


Inna Vayner

Norm, please get in touch with Yulia about the payment. The book can be purchased by subscription only, so she'll need to have the payment for it.