Zelevansky name

Gayle Schlissel Riley

One of my family branches is Zelevansky..I am wondering if I could be related to the president of the Ukraine?? My family started out in Belarus. BUT Zelevansky isn't like a common name like Shapiro. How do you think I could contact him?  The internet said he is Jewish.
Thank you all Gayle


His last name is Zelensky, not Zelevansky.


Vladimir Oksman

The name of president of the Ukraine is ZELINSKY. 
I personally don't think ZELINSKY and ZELEVANSKY names are related.
AFAIK Zelinsky name origin is Silesia while Zelevansky is Zelva.
Why I know this? Cause I am researching ZELIVIANSKY (rus. Зеливянский) whivh is pretty much same as Zelevansky. It's my maternal grandfather family name.
This family line is originally from Slonim, Belarus.
Let me know if you are interested to discuss.

David Shapiro

It's interesting that you compare Zelevansky with Shapiro. Here in Israel there is Zelevansky family of roshei yeshiva, who are descended from the Shapiro family of Volozhin. See "The Unbroken Chain", vol. I, p. 438 (spelled there "Zalavansky").

David Shapiro