New System


Hello, you posted about the new system, you were responding to a previous post but I have no idea what the thread is or the original post. I went back a few days and couldn’t find it in recent  posts, I would like to know the subject and primary sender. I find this new system lacking miserably in this regard.
Thanks so much, Louise Hajdenberg

NS family

Maybe the silent majority are happy with the new layout and system. I know I am and add my support. 

Nich (on phone)

Helen Gottesman

I seem to be in the minority.  I like the new format and have only received one copy.  Helen Dobrin Gottesman
searching for Bukofzer, Dobrin, Davidsohn, (Poland, Germany)
Schwarz, Gutman, Weinmann, Greenhut, Grunhut, (germany, Poland)