Felissa Lashley

My great great grandfather was known as Avrum MAYER in the Ukraine.
His son apparently had two names: Herschel MAYER and Grigorii
MAZURENKO. Would anyone know why this ancestor would use both a
Russian name and their original name? Was that common? A vague family story said he was a horticulturist and may have managed a cherry orchard for the czar near Gorodische or Valyava, both in the Cherkassy section of the Ukraine. Hershel's son
was known as Anatole MAZOUR (deceased) who came to the U.S. as Abraham
Moser and became a well known Russian scholar. Anatole had a brother
Mikhail MAZURENKO and a sister whose name is unknown. This sister apparently went with her husband who was banished to siberia but who was back in the Ukraine in the late 1970s  I am trying to
find information about these siblings as well if anyone has any ideas.
I appreciate any help. This group has been wonderful in providing
information and I am very grateful.

Thank you.

Felissa Lashley
Austin, Texas