Given Names Database

Deb Kroopkin

A temporary help is free on It's pulled from the same database. You can look in the catalog and select it, and you can create a box for it on your home page.
-Debbie Kroopkin

Nancy Siegel

This is in response to the complaints about not being able to access the Given Names Database.

JewishGen’s Database Administrator has found that the problem with the Given Names Database appears to be with the owner of the sub domain where the data resides, and not with JewishGen's servers. He is looking into this and will try to resolve the problem.

Nancy Siegel 
Director of Communications

Nancy Holden

The Given Names Database is one of the most helpful "extras" on the JewishGen website: little known but, once discovered, and you learn how, it opens many avenues of research thile in the JewishGen databases.

It is great that we are modernizing the materials on JewishGen but let's not make our complicated website narrowly for beginner's only.

Nancy Holden

nigel wilson <wilsonettess@...>

It's been driving me nuts too - it came back on again a week or so ago then went down again.

Patricia Wilson (Israel)

Deborah Barr

Hi All,

I haven't been able to access the Given Names database for a long time - weeks if not months.  Has anyone been able to? Does anyone know what's going on with it?

Deborah Barr
San Francisco