Looking for Solomon FUKS

Ilya Zeldes

I'm looking for any information about Solomon FUKS, born in about 1850, somewhere within the Russian Empire, presumably within the Pale. There are about 500 researchers on the JewishGen looking for FUKS surname. Hope one or more of them may have some information...  Please respond privately.


Ilya Zeldes
Fort Myers, FL

Ronald D. Doctor

Ilya, the Kremenets (Ukraine) District Research Group has been accumulating, translating and posting documents relating to Jews of the Kremenets district for the past 18 years. Our Concordance, a master name and place index, now has almost 400,000 entries. Of those, about 600 are for the surname Fuks, including 10 for Shlome Fuks. The name appears in records for various towns in the Kremenets district between 1834 and 1934.

You can search our Concordance on our Kehilalinks website at:
Do a Hebrew Surname search to see if any of these look useful to you.


Ron Doctor, rddpdx@...
Co-Coordinator, Kremenets Shtetl CO-OP/Jewish Records Indexing-Poland
an activity of the Kremenets District Research Group (KDRG)
Overland Park, Kansas USA

Researching DOCTOR (DIOKHTER), VARER, AVERBAKH, KORENFELD ... all from Kremenets, Oleksinets, Yampol, Vishnevets
and KAZDOY (KOSODOY), DUBINSKI, DUBOWSKY ... all from Kiev, Uman, Odessa