Searching for TSIPKE GOLDBERG’s married last name

Amy Wisotsky

My ga Tsipke GOLDBERG (married name unknown) was the only sibling of eight (8)

that did not come to the US and we were told she perished in the Holocaust.

Where: She was born abt. 1902 in Pruzhany,. Her parents, Zelik

(DOB Abt 1861; DOD Abt 1939) and Mindla Blacher GOLDBERG (DOB: Abt. 1867;

DOD: Abt. 1939) were born in Pruzany, arrived in the US in May 1925
and returned to

Poland in abt 1927-28.

I have pieces of information about Tsipke that were handed down to the
family but the

most accurate would come from Mauricio, the youngest sibling and the
one who settled

in Buenos Aires. I am estimating she married young – possibly at age
16 in 1918 and

had two children probably by 1923. When her brother Mauricio left in
1924, he said she

was married with two boys. Tsipke’s husband was a landowner and had
cattle and he

was older than her. They moved to a town not far from Pruzhany.
Tsipke was albino and

had vision problems and was supposedly denied access to the US. But
her husband loved

her – even with her medical condition. I have a photo of Tsipke and
her husband.

Her parents, Zelig and Mindla returned to be with her, leaving Elizabeth, NJ

sometime in 1927-1928. I was told Zelig had a stroke.

I don’t know if it is speculation or factual – but family always said
they died in the

Holocaust. I do not know if all perished in the Holocaust. I have
spent countless hours
researching Ancestry, JewishGen, JRI-PL, Yad Vashem and the US Holocaust Museum
using her maiden name and variations of her first name

Needed information: Are there any other options I may have missed for research?

Is there a way to find her marriage certificate? I would like to find
out if there are

any surviving family members. Additionally, I would like to find out what

happened to her parents Zelig and Mindla (my ggp) when they returned
to be with her.

Thank you!

Amy T. Wisotsky

Louisville, Kentucky USA