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Linda Kelley

Subj: ViewMate translation request - Latvian

I've posted a vital record in Latvian for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Leizer/Velvel Civjan, son of Abram, was born 28 May 1894 in Livano. In 1924, he received a Latvian passport. He was a watchmaker. He had a wife and two children. Leizer's wife and children died in the Holocaust, and his family in Latvia thought he also died in the Holocaust. But he survived, and came to the USA in 1946. He changed his name to Lester Abraham Civijan.
Please tell me what else the passport says, and respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page. I will share the information with the other Civjan researchers working on this.
Thank you very much.
Linda Wolfe Kelley
Portland OR, USA

Marion Werle

This is not a vital record, it is from an interwar internal Latvian passport book that was turned in to the RIga government, which happened for a number of reasons, including immigration (or, technically, emigration from Latvia). 

Marion Werle

Linda Kelley

Thank you,  Marion. I used the template that ViewMate suggested.
Leizer might have gone to South Africa for a visit.