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Marilyn Robinson

While researching the surname, YUDIN, I came across the "Mogilev Birth Index for Boys, 1864-1894 Database" on JewishGen. The index had the following information:
YUDIN (surname)---1879 (birth)---- 248 (index)--- Leiba (father).
How/where can I see a copy of the original document? Would it be available online??

Thank you.
Marilyn Robinson
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David Ellis

On FamilySearch, I found the following index to multiple books of vital records from Mogilev:

The records are handwritten in Russian and Hebrew, and the microfilm images can be viewed online.  Image quality is faint and hard to read.

The absence of a child's name from the birth record index is likely to indicate a male who died before the age of one week.

Hilary Henkin

In this particular database, the lack of a given name is not indicative
of anything.  That information was not tallied, there's not even a field
for it.

A researcher is forced to surmise, and to obtain the original record to
see the name of the baby.  Fortunately, that is now a relatively simple
process, since the microfilms have been digitized and are now available
for research at any Family History Center.  The combination of birth
year and index number, both provided in the index, can lead a researcher
easily to the record.

If one uses the general Belarus Births database at JewishGen, one can
even find the precise film number and "Item Number" (section of the

Martha Forsyth

I doubt that this includes only Mogilev, but (given all the boundary changes) I don't know what other towns may be included.  Is that info available anywhere?  I don't see how to find it on FamilySearch.

Schelly Talalay Dardashti

The 7-roll Crown Rabbinate Records is microfilmed. I have been through all the rolls in the old days and it is a goldmine of information. The Index to Baby Boys was compiled from male births contained in the 7 rolls. as typical in such records, they are dual entry (Russian and Hebrew). Frequently, info in each language is different, so knowledge of both languages is necessary to extract all possible info. 
The 7 rolls include all nearby towns to the city of Mogilev. It is a fascinating collection for anyone with roots in Mogilev city and surroundings.

Schelly Talalay Dardashti

Actually the Index noted starts from 1864 BUT the 7 rolls of Mogilev Crown Rabbinate records begins in 1837! The Index of Baby Boys was done only from 1864 for some reason.

Nardo Bonomi

Dear researchers,

Did someone went through the Metrical books of Mogilev Podilsy (1837-1894)?
LDS microfilm numbers from 1920796-1920802?
The page mentioned in the discussion
is not very clear.
If someone can give me an overview of content, I can help with Russian
Thank you
Nardo Bonomi Braverman

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GROBMAN from Gaysin
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(Author of

Schelly Talalay Dardashti

Mogilev Podolskiy is a completely different place/country from Mogilev, Belarus, You should start a NEW discussion for that place or post the query on Tracing the Tribe - Jewish Genealogy on Facebook.

Schelly Talalay Dardashti
New Mexico