Gustav (Gustave) GOLDMANN (Goldman)

kristina bielenberg

Any help would be appreciated in identifying the parents and birth location of Gustav Goldmann, who resided most of his life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Gustav emigrated about 1874 from Germany, listing Berlin as his home. However, the 1871 Lubech census lists him as a "foreigner" from Namyslow (Namslau). His birth date is March 7, 1852; he died in Pittsburgh on June 28, 1932. He married Martha Bielenberg in 1890 in New York City.

Kristina Bielenberg, Calais, Vermont USA

kristina bielenberg

Good news!  Yesterday I found on index listings for the various children of Philipp Goldmann of Namslau.  I pleased to discover that Gustav Goldmann, born March 7, 1852, was the older half-sibling of Henriette Goldmann, born September 6, 1854.  See posting #640026.  Gustav's mother was Henriette Böhm (Boehm), while Henriette's mother was Ernestine Schweitzer.  Gustav and Henriette each married two Bielenberg siblings.  Henriette married Hermann Heinrich Christian Bielenberg in Berlin in 1881; Gustav married Hermann's younger sister, Martha K. Bielenberg, in New York City in 1890, with the G. Golmanns moving promptly to Pittsburgh, PA.  By the way, Gustav's older brother Julius, born November 27, 1847, was the father of Felix Goldmann, famed Rabbi of Leipzig.  Anyone having further information regarding the Philipp Goldmann family of Namslau, their ancestors and descendants, please send me a message.  Thank you,

Kristina Bielenberg, Calais, Vermont