(Ukraine) Looking for tour guide and archives researcher #galicia #ukraine

Richard Sperber



I am planning a trip to western Ukraine next fall, the focus of which will be Lviv (L’wow) and two nearby ancestral towns, Yavoriv (Jaworów) and Rava-Rus'ka (Rawa Ruska).  It is likely we will continue on to the Ternopil region to visit my wife’s ancestral towns of Buchach (Buczacz) and Zolotyi Potik (Potok Zloty).


I am looking for recommendations for:

  • ·        A local guide for each leg of the trip (Lviv & Ternopil), or a single guide for both regions if possible, and
  • ·        An archives researcher for each area (or one researcher for both) who can do some advance records research in preparation for the trip.


Of course, if there is a person you can recommend to handle all of the above, so much the better.  Thanks in advance for you help!


Rich Sperber

West Hartford, Connecticut


SPERBER - Jaworów, L’wow, Chicago;  JOLLES, SCHONHEIT - Rawa-Ruska, L’wow, Jaworów;  SIEGEL/SEGALOWITZ - Grodno, Chicago;  LERER, BIBLIN, GOLDWEBER, SOBOL - Chelm, Dubienka; 

MALAMUD/MOLOMOT - Warsaw, Rutki (Poland);  ROSCH, NEUFELD/NIEFELD – Buczacz, Potok Zloty;

FIDELMAN, BUCHBINDER – Wlodowa, Domachevo, Israel

Tony Hausner

Several of us have used alex dunai for all aspects of your request: Lviv , where he lives, Ternopil region and archives. Highly recommend.  Aldunai@...


Hi Rich,

I went to Ukraine April 2019, and went to several towns, including Lviv.  I was very happy with/and would highly recommend the small company I used.  The website is: www.DoroshHeritageTours.com, if you want to look.  The owner is, Andriy Dorosh; he was very quick to respond to my inquiry, and had good suggestions, too.  He has people who work in the archives and they did research for me to supplement what I had (before I arrived).  He arranged for local guides in each town I visited, and they went above and beyond what I expected.  I had a driver, (Orest),and a trip guide, (Oksana; both were wonderful.  I felt safe with a careful driver, important since roads are bad in many areas & drivers are pretty wild. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly --- sniderlh@...

Leah Snider


Hi Rich,

I just visited Ukraine in April 2019, and used the services of Andriy Dorosh.  You can look at his site: www.DoroshHeritageTours.com.  He has archive researchers as well, and I had them do some more work before I arrived, to supplement info. I already had.  Andriy set up private, local guides in each town, including Lviv, and they all did an outstanding job.  We also had a driver and overall trip guide when we hit the road to visit a few different places.  Everyone spoke English, was punctual, friendly, considerate and very informative.  Our driver was good, and that means a lot in a place where roads are very very, and most drivers are, too. I would highly recommend Andriy and his co-workers.  More questions, please contact me at: sniderlh@...

Steven Turner

I would give my highest recommendation to Alex Denisenko (tuagtuag@...). Alex  guided our group through these lands in August of 2018. He is based in Lviv and has intense knowledge of the Jewish history in these areas plus he is extremely personable. You can't go wrong with Alex.


Like Tony, I also recommend Alex Dunai who lives in Lvov, speaks English very well, and is familiar with most of western Ukraine. You can read about Rawa-Ruska in The Holocaust by Bullets, by Patrick Desbois, whose grandfather was imprisoned there by the Nazis. You can read about Alex and touring western Ukraine in Because of Eva: A Jewish Genealogical Journey,

Good luck! Susan Gordon