How to open Yad Vashem testimony document? Need translation of testimony


I apologize for the confusion in what I wrote.  I did not mean to say that there was no address given for the person who submitted the page.  I meant that these details were not included in the column on the left.  Kudos to Ms. Habshush for deciphering the address; I could not have done so.
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA


Shalom Mark,
The testimony supplied by Nechama Vegmeister in 1957 has an address, from that year and period of time in Israel.
Shikun Amidar, 47/6 Hadar Yosef (near Tel Aviv)
Do you have family in Israel who may know something... do you need help with a search.
Brenda Habshush.



The link that you supplied shows all of the details, but here are some specific replies for you.

To save this page, simply hover your mouse over the document (the cursor becomes a hand), and right click.  A number of options will appear, including 'save'.

The Page of Testimony itself is mostly in Hebrew.   Virtually all of the information in it appears at the left side of the web page, translated into English.  Comparing this to the Page of Testimony, I see that one detail was not included:  Faige and her husband Yosef had 4 children.  Their names, however, are not given.  Also not included are the address details of her nephew Nechemiah Vegmeister, the person who submitted this Page of Testimony.  The Page of Testimony gives no details about where or when Faige was killed.
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Ancestry Mail

On the Yad Vashem testimony database web page at, is a record of a testimony about Fajga Engelman, submitted by Fajga's nephew. Fajga died in the Shoah.

Can anyone help me with these 2 problems?
1.  How do I open/display the actual transcript of the testimony on my monitor?  I cannot find the link to display the actual transcript of the testimony.

2.  I suspect the testimony transcript is written in a language other than English.  I do not know what language, and I cannot read other languages.  I would truly appreciate someone translating the actual transcript to English for me

Thank you many times over!