An email from South Africa seeking Shoa information on my aunt

Alberto Guido Chester

I have received a very polite mail from a gentleman in South Africa.

He says he found my decesased aunt's name and my name posting her Page of Testimony at Yad Vashem.

He requests further info on her with the project of posting it on his Facebook page. The gentleman says if thousands of people would do the same, a fair homage would be made.

I googled the man's name and email and it corresponds to a real human being in South Africa.

Has anyone had a similar experience ?

I will welcome any comments.


Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ina Getzoff

I know that I probably sound like a cynic but before you give this man further information ask him how he found you and what he already knows. Also, did you post a page of testimony on Yad Vashem?  I would also think that if he wants people to post information on Yad Vashem he would also have gotten in touch with them. 

I am not saying he is not a "real person" but these days we all need to be careful about what personal or family information we sometimes release and I have been doing genealogical research for a long time so I welcome new information when I can get it.

Good luck and keep the group posted
Ina Getzoff
Delray Beach, Fla.

Michael Hoffman

I would treat this request with the utmost suspicion.
Be careful.

Michael Hoffman 



I would want to know why he wants to post your aunt's testimony on his FB page.  As she is not his relative, this seems unusual to me, at the very least. I would proceed cautiously, if at all, given the frequency with which the accounts of real people are cloned or otherwise misappropriated.  
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Ina Getzoff

Thank you for agreeing with me. There are people out there posting information also on family trees that is not their family so heaven knows where this person got information on Alberto's aunt that he thinks he should be able to post.

Ina Getzoff
Delray Beach, Fla.

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
dear Alberto,
I used twice Yad Vashem "page of testimony" to reach the author and share with him some informations about one of our "Losts".
Each time, I sent a letter with my own data (pictures & documents)  explaining how we were connected to the same person.
Each time I got a positive reply with unknown pictures and documents, increasing our data on this person.
But It was always for our family use without any display on Internet (web site or FB or ...).
Even if your contact is a real person, I agree with our upper and previous detectives that we must be very carefull.
In France, we are very cautious and we have now an European regulation to protect privacy...
Bernard Flam
Archives and History of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring in France