R. Meir Margolies from Ostrog

Todd Brody

My gr-gr-grandfather was R. Yehudah Yudel Rosenberg (1860-1935), originally from Skaryszew, Poland, but more famously from Montreal, Canada. 

His first wife (from who I am descended) was named Chaya Chava (D. 1886).  A book written for R. Rosenberg's 70th birthday states that Chaya Chava was descended from the Ostrovtzer Rebbe, R. Leibush Zucker and was a grand-child of the Ostrovtzer Rebbe, R. Meir, the son of R. Hertzkes. 

I have had a very difficult time trying to identify these rabbis. My current theory is that the R. Meir the son of R. Hertzkes was R. Meir Margolies ben R. Tzvi Hirsh, the rabbi of Ostrog ("Ostroh") from 1777-1790.  He is a R. Meir the son of a R. Hirsh who could be the Ostrovtzer Rebbe.  I haven't been able to find any other rabbis from a town named Ost***** with a R. Meir the son of a R. Hirsh.

Additional support from my theory comes from the fact that Chaya Chava's maiden name was Zusman and there was a well-known Zusman family in Ostrog.

I have no idea who the R. Leibush Zucker might be, but I have confirmed that Chaya Chava's maiden name was Zucker. 

There is a geni profile for R. Meir Margolies but there is little about his descendants on that site.  Has anyone ever seen descendants from this rabbi with the last name Zucker or Zysman?  I haven't yet gone through Meir Vunder's or Neil Rosenstein's books on the Margolies families, but I am planning a trip to the New York library. 

Any help would be appreciated. 

Todd Brody