Find Court records in Hungary


Hi all,
is it possible to find Court records in Hungary from the 1920's?
i found a newspaper that says that my gg grandfather was arrested because he was carrying fake money,
i asked his son my great grandfather he told that there was a court case where he got acquitted.

i would like to know if its possible to find those court records 

Thanks in advance
Toivy Kahan

Susanna Vendel

I would suggest to try this Hungarian database  under "archives". Searching on the family name of my grandfather I found several court records for his brother, who was arrested for fraud. This huge Hungarian database is really a "gold mine" for genealogy. 
Susanna VENDEL

RÖSSLER- Zrenjanin, Beograd, Budapest, Israel
ROSMANN - Alba Iulia , Budapest
WEISZ - Salonta, Oradea
WAGNER - Siget,


i did search on there didn't find anything 
is there more places to search?