Going to Visit Mount Hebron in NY - offering photos - maybe Montefiore too

A. E. Jordan

The weather has been rather mild in New York and it sounds like our luck might hold so I am going to try and make a visit to Mount Hebron Cemetery to get photos of stones.

I might also make a stop at Old Montefiore in Queens too.

If anyone wants you can contact me.  Please I ask that you have the specifics of the grave because as you can imaging there are a lot of people with the same names in this cemetery .... it is very large and spread out.  I appreciate but do not insist a few dollars in return to help with the expenses of doing this for you.

Both cemeteries have internet search features on their own websites.  Please those are better than the third party sites like Find a Grave.

If you are interested you can contact me off list to discuss.

Allan Jordan