Transferring money to the Belarus archive #belarus

Bob Silverstein

I have to pay the Belarus archive has a record I want to get.  They sent me the account information for a German bank which will send the money to a Belarus bank which will pay the archive.  This sounds complicated.  Does anyone know a better way to pay the archive?  Should I get a private researcher for a single record?


Jerry Small

I have done business with the Latvian Archive and they operate the same way. What I do is have my financial representative transfer money from my account to the specified bank. In my case the denomination was Euro. 

Good luck.


I have used Western Union.  As long as you have all the bank code information etc, should work, and it is extremely not expensive.   FYI.  I've done it three times right at the desk at my local supermarket.


Nicole Heymans

This looks like a tradeoff to reduce bank charges for all involved.

Charges on transfers within the SEPA (Single European Payments Area) zone are the same as for internal transfers, e.g. nil for transfers from Belgium.
Belarus is not part of SEPA, so there is clearly an incentive for Belarussians to have a SEPA account to reduce charges for international payments; for them and for their correspondents.

For anyone having an account within the SEPA zone, obviously a transfer to the German account of the Belarus archives would be best option. For others, check charges to avoid undue surprises

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium

Andreas Schwab

I recommend TransferWise. It can be used for small amounts with little hassle and a small fee.

Bob Silverstein

Thanks to everyone who helped.  The story has a simple and happy ending.  To my surprise, the archive sent me a link to a PayPal-like website.  I paid by credit card and without any fees.  You have to register on the site but you do not have to store your credit card.  The only wrinkle was that it would not process my cards at first.  Finally, two of my cards emailed and texted me about the attempted payments and asked me to approve them.  I did and resubmitted the payment and it went through like a charm.