Finding JewishJen referenced document in Lithuanian archives


KRA must refer to the Kaunas archives.


Boris Feldblyum

Jo Ann Goldwater <jogold@...>

KRA is the Kaunus Regional Historical Archives.

I don’t think that they do research but if you give them the record number, you should be able to get it but it may take time.


Good evening.
I recently requested from the Lithuania State Archives for copies of
records referenced on JewishGen and was told that they did not have
the years listed. Did I ask the wrong Archive? Where do I find the
original "Family List KRA/I-207/1/1"?
I am looking for anything about my great grandfather Itsik Ber
Fleksher and his wife Mascha (until 1913 when they moved to the US),
and his father Leyba Fleksher (or his unnamed wife).

Bryan Richman