Oleśnica village near Seroczyn, Siedlce district #poland

Dror Bereznitsky

According to multiple records from Seroczyn some of my ancestors have lived in a village named Oleśnica, located near Wodynie and Seroczyn (Siedlce district).
I could not find any information about a Jewish community in this village (found other villages named Oleśnica in other parts of Poland).
Looking at Google maps this seems to be a very small village these days.
I was wondering whether anyone has information about this village?

Alexander Sharon

1921 Poland’s first National Census lists for Oleśnica, gmina Wodynie, powiat Siedlce, total number of 532 residents, including 79 Jewish souls.

BTW, Seroczyn lists 515 residents, including 92 Jews.


Hope this help


Alexander Sharon

JGFF editor